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And the Winners of this Single-ended Triode Race are – Numbers 211 and 845!!!

Making Allnic history

Last entry we revealed several sure to be outstanding products coming new from Allnic in 2022. We chose to hold one back, though, because we thought it deserved its own “What’s New?” post. So, this round we’re introducing Allnic’s first time ever power amps featuring customer’s choice of two power tubes beloved by SET enthusiasts around the world, the 211 and 845!

Meet the new A-2500 SET monoblock power amps!

We and many other audiophiles around the world have been asking for many years, and at last, KS Park found time to address requests for a SET amp using these famously musical single-ended triodes. The lucky few who have heard field-test samples, as well as first purchasers in Asia and Europe, have been deeply impressed by the A-2500 sound –  all the “transparency and presence” of 211 and 845 tubes, “dead quiet”, “amazing drive and dynamics!” Not to mention feedback that these “‘little'” beauties are models of elegant industrial design“.

The A-2500 SET monoblock power amps are tube rectified and point-to-point hard-wired. Both versions give the user 20 watts per monoblock of SET bliss, with the 211 version providing 28dB of gain and the 845 26dB. The input tube is a double triode (a 6CM7 for the 211 and 6DR7 for the 845 – not interchangeable) and the rectifier in both versions is the well-known, great-sounding and reliable 5R4.

In addition, KS is making custom tube sockets for the 845 version. These will accept any brand/vintage of 845 and overcome a problem that many users of other 845 tube amps have discovered to their disappointment.

The amps are not zero negative feedback. There is a very natural -6dB of negative feedback to reduce distortion and improve bass without altering the SET character and its special charms. This has been a feature of KS Park’s SET amps from the beginning of Allnic and one of a number of things, such as in-house designed and manufactured permalloy output transformers, that make them truly distinct in terms of the realism they impart to the music. Listening to them, or any of Allnic’s SET amps will make the reason for this approach “perfectly clear”.

Link to A-2500 Product Page

Of course, the A-2500 is not the only Allnic power amp available for SET amp fans. Allnic currently offers the A-5000 Direct-heated Triode 300B monoblocks with all DHTs in the signal path.

A-5000 DHT – A-5000 DHT page

As well, there is also the awe-inspiring A-10000 DHT monoblock, a parallel single-ended design using the giant KR T1610 power tube and offering a monumental 100 watts of crystalline pure music per monoblock!

A-10000 DHT – A-10000 DHT page.

The A-2500’s Allnic pedigree

The A-2500 follows in a long history of SET amps – just take a look at our Archived products page. With such ancestors and current companion products, and as another fruit of the audio design genius of KS Park, the new A-2500 SET monoblocks have an incredible pedigree and will bring the best of the musical magic-realism of single-ended triodes into your listening room!

Please contact Corby’s Audio (Canada) or Kevalin Audio (USA) at the coordinates below to inquire about the NEW A-2500 SET monoblocks.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss purchasing an Allnic  product for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – and don’t forget that quality trades are always welcome!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

Kelowna, BC

Website link: Hammertone Audio

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Corby’s Audio

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Website link: Corby’s Audio

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Toll free: 1.877.689.1976


Kevalin Audio

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Email or call John Ketcham:

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To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.


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