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A-2000 25th Anniversary SE amp & L-6500 pre – two great deals to set the music free!

“Out with the old and in with the new” is normally associated with New Year’s, but spring is also a time for fresh starts – and amazing deals. This “What’s New?” we focus on truly exceptional offers for two Allnic products new for 2022, one a customized version of an existing product’s last run, the other an all new product replacing one discontinued a couple of years back. The first is the “hot-rodded” special edition of the A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo power amp, the second the completely new L-6500 line-stage preamp.

A-2000 25th Anniversary SE power amplifier

L-6500 line-stage preamplifier


We mentioned a few posts back, and talked briefly about it in the last one, that with the end of production of the A-2000 25th Anniversary KT150 push-pull 100w/c stereo power amp, Hammertone bought, as part of a special arrangement, the remaining A-2000 25th Anniversary chassis and had Allnic’s KS Park design a hot-rod version. A change of driver tubes and circuit upgrades make this end of run amplifier capable of making almost any speaker sing its best, and it sounds even better than the original – which is saying a lot! As just a single example of praise earned by the original version of the A-2000, in July 2021, Part-Time Audiophile gave the A-2000 an Editor’s Choice award!

It’s rare for me to review a product like this which is just so thoroughly sorted, and at what I find to be a very fair price…

If you’re in the market for an amp that does what the modern 100W per channel solid-state stereo amplifier purported to do; power anything big or small, do so quietly and with great character and flat frequency response, I’m here to tell you that you can do one better, and even get those magical glowing vacuum-sealed bottles while you’re at it. If you have an opportunity to lay ears on this amp—don’t miss it.

Grover Neville

With 100 watts/channel in pentode mode (taking full advantage of the KT150 beam tetrode), 50 in triode (switching “on the fly”), and real driving force into 8 or 4 ohms, the A-2000 25th Anniversary SE is a powerhouse, and its NOS 5654 and 6S4 input and driver tubes are readily available in different brands and vintages to offer lots of tube rolling opportunities. The A-2000 25th Anniversary SE also features individual power tube fuse protection, easy bias, and analog power tube current meters – not to mention the elegant, and functional, handles!

As Mr. Neville said about the original A-2000 25th Anniversary, a “very fair price”… NOW, with Allnic’s custom touch and a price reduction of $4000, to $5900 from the original’s $9900, these tweaked A-2000, 25th Anniversary SE power amps provide truly serious music per dollar, perhaps unmatched in the audiophile world. Take a look here for more detail: A-2000 25th Anniversary Special Edition product page link

The hot-rod A-2000 25th Anniversary SE is a “once in a lifetime” buy; and remember, we really are seeing the back of these spectacular amps 😉 When they’re gone, they’re gone. In stock and ready to ship. Don’t miss out!



While the all new L-6500 line-stage preamplifier is the smallest in Allnic’s preamp line, it’s a giant of sound quality. The L-6500 replaces the L-1500, which in its final run was also, like the A-2000 25th Anniversary SE, a “hot-rod” version and sold out in no time. The L-6500 is also a fantastic value at its limited-time introductory price of $7500 (and would make a great match for the A-2000 Anniversary SE or any Allnic amp). The last time we talked about the L-6500, units were just back from field tests, and we didn’t have the greatest photos… but now it’s in full production and all is revealed. Look at this little beauty:

The L-6500 has a fantastic feature set:

  • single gain stage
  • transformer coupling with permalloy signal transformers
  • RCA and XLR inputs and outputs
  • analog current meters for tube monitoring
  • beefy tube regulated voltage supply
  • a small complement of readily available NOS tubes, including the lovely-sounding 5842 triode signal tube (available from many manufacturers and equivalent to WE417A, CV3789, F7004) – tube roller’s paradise 🙂
  • remote control
  • rock-solid build quality
  • great looks to match other Allnic components, such as the H-5500 phono stage, for e.g. (H-5500 product page link)

L-6500 preamp product page link

Already, several customers who previously owned the customized version of Allnic’s first preamp, the L-1500, have purchased the L-6500 and report great satisfaction, saying the L-6500 is truly a huge upgrade in every way. We agree; the L-6500 is a clear winner! We hope reviewers will concur and look forward to the first professional reviews, which should start to appear in May this year.

The L-6500 preamp is another fantastic product and blessing for music lovers, with an amazing pedigree of designs from the creative and fertile mind of Allnic’s KS (“King of Sound)” Park. The L-6500 is, we believe, destined to become a classic. In stock and shipping NOW.

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Corby’s Audio in Ontario, feel free to drop by, visit with Don Corby, and audition the A-2000 25th Anniversary SE and L-6500. If you can’t make it in person, please contact Corby’s Audio (Canada) or Kevalin Audio (USA) at the coordinates below to inquire.

And, as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss purchasing an Allnic  product for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – and don’t forget that quality trades are always welcome!


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Toll free: 1.877.689.1976

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