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A-2000 25th Anniversary Special Edition

Original price was: USD$9,900.00.Current price is: USD$7,900.00.



Allnic discontinued the A-2000 25th Anniversary, KT150 stereo power amplifier, and is now producing a “hot-rodded” A-2000 25th Anniversary SE (Special Edition) power amp – at a truly exceptional sale price: $7900! That’s an absolutely fantastic savings over the original, especially in the current economic climate, and comes about as a result of Hammertone working a special supply deal with Allnic.

The A-2000 25th Anniversary is a 100 watt/channel powerhouse and paragon of clarity and finesse. With the modifications it sounds even better, and for the price, we think nothing will be able to touch it. It’s a great opportunity for anyone wanting a brand new Allnic power amp that can drive virtually any speaker “for a song”, so to speak.

Allnic Audio A-2000 25th Anniversary/SE is a 100 watt (KT150 beam tetrode) push-pull, stereo power amplifier. Like its integrated amplifier brother, the T-2000, the A-2000 25th Anniversary/SE is pentode/triode switchable “on-the-fly”, providing more than 50 watts in SET sounding triode mode. The A-2000 25th Anniversary/SE offers stable, resolute power in the proverbial velvet glove, along with amazing, revelatory clarity, incredible dynamics and drive, articulate and powerful bass, and standard setting low noise and distortion.

Review and award for the standard A-2000 25th Anniversary – July 2021!

Part-Time Audiophile names the A-2000 an Editor’s Choice!

It’s rare for me to review a product like this which is just so thoroughly sorted, and at what I find to be a very fair price…

If you’re in the market for an amp that does what the modern 100W per channel solid-state stereo amplifier purported to do; power anything big or small, do so quietly and with great character and flat frequency response, I’m here to tell you that you can do one better, and even get those magical glowing vacuum-sealed bottles while you’re at it. If you have an opportunity to lay ears on this amp—don’t miss it.

Grover Neville



And The Sound Advocate awards 5 stars, saying:

“Overall then, it is truly hard to fault the 25th Anniversary SE amplifier on almost any level of its production, build, and overall sound quality. That’s a mean feat in itself, particularly at the 25TH SE’s relatively modest new asking price of $7,950!”

The Sound Advocate 03-2023 A-2000 25th Anniversary SE Review

Key Features

  • 100 watts of high power output in pentode (beam tetrode) mode
  • More than 50 watts of “SET like” power output in triode mode
  • “On-the-fly” pentode/triode switching
  • Analog power tube current monitoring meters
  • Exceptionally easy bias controls
  • “Soft-start” circuitry
  • Individual fuse protection for power tubes
  • One pair of RCA inputs and one pair of XLR inputs
  • 8 and 4 ohm speaker terminals

The A-2000 25th Anniversary SE stereo power amplifier offers stability, power and finesse, and incredible bass, dynamics and resolution in a reliable, easy to maintain, flexible and beautiful package. Used with other Allnic Audio components, the A-2000 25th Anniversary SE will give you state of the art performance and a lifetime of musical satisfaction.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Power: 100w (8Ω load, at 1KHz)
  • Distortion: 0.17% at 1KHz at 10w
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Flat
  • S/N Ratio: -80dB (CCIR, 1KHz)
  • Damping Factor: 8at 8Ω load at 1KHz
  • Voltage gain: +26dB
  • Input Impedance: 100KΩ (single-ended, unbalanced)
  • Input Sensitivity: 1.3V for rated power
  • Fuses:

    KT150s: 0.5A, 250V, 20mm slow-blow;

    IEC Mains:

    • AC 5A, 250V 20mm slow-blow for 110/120V regions

    • AC 3A, 250V 20mm slow-blow for 230/240V regions

  • Tubes (per chassis): KT150 x 4 (power tube), 6S4 x 4 (second stage drivers), 5654 x 2 (first stage, equivalent to EF95 and CV4010)
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 430mm (16.93 inches) x 430mm (16.93inches) x 240mm (9.45 inches)
  • Weight: 40kg (88.2 lbs)

Product Support

A-2000 – SE 25th Anniversary Manual – 21 -07-2022



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