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Allnic has indeed been expanding its product line “universe” recently, adding several new products in less than half a year. In our previous blog, we unveiled Allnic’s newest line-stage preamp, the L-6500, adding to the recently introduced H-5500 phono-stage and the T-2000 30th Anniversary KT170-based stereo integrated amp. The latter two devices have been garnering fantastic reviews (awards, too!) from both professionals and new owners. We’re confident the L-6500 will prove to be just as outstandingly pleasing as those.

At its limited time, introductory price of $6900, the L-6500 is not only a sonic knockout but also presents what we think is one of the best, if not the best, cost to performance ratios out there. We know it will be very tough to beat. Here’s a link to the detailed product page on this site – take a look! L-6500 product page AND… you can actually hear the L-6500 at Corby’s Audio NOW!

Readers here might remember that we profiled Corby’s Audio and its owner, Don, in a blog back in 2019 Introducing Corby’s Audiowhen we paid Don a visit in Freelton, OntarioSince then, Don has continued building his business, offering top-quality products (Allnic among them, of course) and service. The excellence of Don’s customer support and the quality of the products he offers has allowed him to expand his shop in an era where we see so many “bricks and mortar” stores disappearing. Of course, he offers on-line services (Corby’s Audio and FB:Corby’s on FB), but the fact that he has now been able to complete a building addition with another 780 sq. metres of listening / showroom space is a testament to the value of in-person interactions, listening opportunities, and Don’s quality of service. Here’s a couple of photos of what part of the original space looks like today:

Now, about the addition!

By the way, those big horn-loaded speakers are the Coherent Audio custom builds we commissioned from master speaker designer Frank Fazzalari a while ago – finished at last – we can hardly wait to get them home!! Coherent Audio Loudspeakers

To celebrate the opening of this new corner of the Allnic Universe, Corby’s is holding an OPEN HOUSE, Saturday November 6 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday November 7 from 11am to 3pm. Current C-19 conditions apply (here: Corby’s Open House).
There are even door-prizes, courtesy of Hammertone Audio! 🙂

So, please get in touch to attend or visit anytime, or just to chat. Just call or email Don at: 1-905-689-1976 and [email protected]. Corby’s Audio, 26 Carlisle Road, Freelton, Ontario. Congratulations, Don – and we wish you and all attendees a great time!!



As we mentioned in the previous blog regarding the expanding Allnic universe, we’re seeking help marketing Allnic’s complete line of award-winning products and are looking for passionate Allnic owners with financial means, business acumen and the ability and desire to network with and mentor other audio enthusiasts. We require two individuals capable of marketing the highly coveted Allnic line-up of electronics, cables and cartridges in the North Eastern and Southern regions of the USA. For more information, please call David Beetles, North American Allnic distributor, at 1-250-826-6872

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss purchasing an Allnic L-6500 or any other Allnic product for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – please don’t forget that quality trades are always welcome!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

Kelowna, BC

Website link: Hammertone Audio

Email or call Dave Beetles:

Email: [email protected]

Tel:+1 250.826.6872

Corby’s Audio

Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio

Email or call Don Corby:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 905.689.1976

Toll free: 1.877.689.1976


Kevalin Audio

Corvallis, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio

Email or call John Ketcham:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 503–292–5592

To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.







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