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ZL-5000 Speaker Cable


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Zero Loss Technology includes Speaker cables, Power cables, Phono cables, and Interconnect cables. Allnic speaker cables utilize a patented double-blade spade termination that ensures no loosening for years. Banana terminations available at no extra charge.

Price is for any length up to 3.0m. Please add $300 for each additional 0.5m. Additional cost for bi-wire of any length is $400.*

*Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Key Features

Zero Loss Technology defined: Allnic Audio’s specialty technology for eliminating audio cable signal loss by minimizing three resistances: Linkage Resistance, Contact Resistance, and Wire Resistance.

Linkage Resistance minimized: Allnic uses 1000 °C hot melt welding of cable terminations and wire; no solder, no clamps.

Contact Resistance minimized: three innovative contact improvement methods, one each for our power cables, speaker cables, and interconnect cables. Furthermore, Allnic does proper heat treatment for longer contact pressure and uses Allnic’s patented double-bladed spade speaker terminations. Every termination for XLR, RCA, and banana is split into multi-faces with an inner elastomer core that constantly applies outward pressure to those faces.

Wire Resistance optimized: After incessant technical test and listening sessions, we have found the optimum thickness of wire for each type of cable.

MRCT®. Mid-Range Control Technology: Allnic considers that an exaggerated, protruding mid-range is the most formidable obstacle to harmonious signal transfer. Allnic’s MRCT uses metal platings for slight mid-range “braking” and heavier wire gauges for low frequency transmission, and controls capacitance to ensure usually evasive superbly realistic high frequency reproduction.

Technical Specifications

Conductors: OFC

Insulation: Silicon, PVC

Outer jacket: Crystal-clear PVC, Pure copper

Diameter: 16mm

Length: 2.5m (standard), 3m

Splitter: Silver duralumin with 4 silicon rings

Terminations: Patented high-tension, Rothium-coated titanium spade terminations


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