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ZL-8000S Speaker Cable


NEW and AMAZING!! The ZL-8000S is Allnic’s first speaker cable to use silver conductors in combination with OFC conductors. This rigourously engineered marriage of metals overcomes issues commonly associated with cables made exclusively of silver or copper, loss of bass and body with only silver, and softening of high frequency energy with only copper. With the best of both, the ZL-8000S delivers it all for maximum sonic realism!

And they are also surprisingly flexible, handsome eye candy!

  • Both silver and OFC conductors
  • Zero Loss Technology
    • 1000 °C hot melt welding of cable terminations and wire
    • new custom terminations at both ends
    • patented double-bladed spade speaker terminations
    • Optimum wire gauge

Banana terminations available at no extra charge.

Price is for any length up to 3.0m. Please add $500 for each additional 0.5m. Additional cost for bi-wire of any length is $600.

Jumpers are available in lengths from 30cm to 45cm. Price is $600/pr.*

*Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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​”The ZL-8000S is the first Allnic Audio speaker cable to use silver wire. The ZL-5000 and ZL-3000 each use oxygen-free copper wire as conductors. As you know, silver has high conductivity. While the conductivity of copper is 100, silver’s is 106. However, lack of weight and very low bass has been the weak point of silver wire speaker cables. Allnic made exceptional efforts to overcome this.

‘Yes. Existing silver wire cables have good treble characteristics, but the bass is not as good as the treble. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers, who are too confident about silver wire, tend to use it in finer gauges. So the ZL-8000S uses a relatively heavy gauge, high-purity silver wire conductor. I can’t go into more detail here, but copper wire is also used. Is it plated? It is not. Inside the PVC sheath, another conductor for damping and insulation was added.’”

From ZL-8000S review in Audio Monthly, South Korea’s monthly audio magazine

“Sometimes confirming the obvious is simply the right thing to do. Sometimes “S” isn’t for silver but super. In this case, it’s for both…”

Srajan Ebaen: 6moons ZL-8000S review November 2020

Technical Specifications

Conductors Silver, OFC
Insulation Silicon, PVC
Outer Jacket Crystal-clear PVC, Pure Copper
Diameter 18mm
Length 2.5m (standard)
Splitter Silver duralumin
Terminations Patented high-tension, Rodium-coated titanium spade lugs


Audio Monthly, South Korea’s monthly audio magazine – ZL-8000S review

6moons ZL-8000S review November 2020

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