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Ikeda 9 PL Moving Coil Cartridge

Original price was: USD$2,900.00.Current price is: USD$1,350.00.



Selling a long owned cartridge of Ikeda fame. The 9 PL is one of the upper versions of the fabled Keda 9’s. This is a ¬†stereo, cantileverless design with a 0.18mV ¬†low output and ultra low compliance requiring a big mass arm, such as the Ikeda made Fidelity Research FR66S or Ikeda 407 12″ big mass arms.

Once coupled to the right arm, the Ikeda cartridges are textured, warm and powerful, inviting the listener to emotional sonic greatness.

Soundsmith cleaned up and inspected this cartridge back in 2011, has not had but 50 hours on it since it’s return.

The new Ikedas cost upwards of $6000, invest wisely for $1350


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