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How Much?? Miraculous!

…And the miracle is - the NEW H-5500 PHONO STAGE Allnic is analog through and through, from the beginning, gaining fame especially for its vinyl playback related products, and building over the years a line of constantly improving phono-stages virtually…

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What a year it’s been!!

Trials and tribulations - yes, but also some JUBILATION! The Christmas season, here at last, very close to the end of one of the strangest and in many ways most trying years in memory. We'll be happy to turn the…

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Harvest Moon!

Autumn! Time to get ready for winter... and what better way than to curl up in a cozy place, illuminated by the soft glow of the setting sun, or the harvest moon, and listen to great music. (Vancouver Island, British…

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Pandemic imposed self-isolation has certainly created a greater than normal need for in-home entertainment and amusement. Since the start of “stay safe, stay home”, we've been listening to lots of music, including quite a few essentially long forgotten recordings, recordings…

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Allnic H-1202 Phono-stage

The H-1202: Allnic’s Over-Achieving “Baby” Phono Preamp – And a “Little” History If you have been following Allnic Audio for any time, you’ll already know that it manufactures a full line of phono preamplifiers that are spectacular for both sound…

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