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T-2000 30th Anniversary Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The T-2000 30th Anniversary uses the great new KT170 power tube and Allnic’s unique Constant Impedance Attenuator for a stunning combo of raw power and grip, delicacy and refinement!

Part-Time Audiophile T-2000 30th Anniversary Review 19-09-2021

High Fidelity – 2021 Statement Award



The T-2000 30th Anniversary stereo integrated amplifier is Allnic Audio’s first amplifier to use the new KT170 power tube. Dead quiet with switchable on-the-fly 120 watts beam tetrode or 60 triode per channel at 8, 4 or 16 ohms (combo of 2 on request), this 36Kg (80lb), gorgeous piece of industrial design is a true powerhouse – and so much more. The KT170s on board are a beautiful sounding tube: in combination with the unique 1st and 2nd stage tube pairing, the World’s First Constant Impedance Attenuator (used on all Allnic’s current preamps), and the nickel core output trannies on the 30th Anniversary, the KT170s are in the perfect environment to reproduce music at live levels in all its fine detail, glory, and emotion.

Key Features

The T-2000 30th Anniversary has the following features:

  • 120 watts of high-power output per channel in beam tetrode mode and 60 watts in triode. The T-2000 30th Anniversary is a push-pull, triode/tetrode switchable integrated amplifier.
  • 61 STEP CONSTANT IMPEDANCE BRIDGED TYPE ATTENUATOR – A world’s “first of its kind” for Allnic Audio – The T-2000 30th Anniversary does not employ a digital IC volume control or a low-cost carbon film volume control with a motor. The T-2000 30th Anniversary uses the WORLD’S FIRST 61 step, constant impedance, “bridged” type attenuator. Allnic’s new attenuator is now the most sophisticated on the market, and we believe, without a doubt, also the absolute best sounding. With fixed impedance and no (± 0db) channel imbalance at any volume level, this revolutionary and currently unique, oil clutched, motorized attenuator will astound users with its elevation of the fidelity and purity of any system in which it finds a home.

  • Powerful Driving Circuitry. Allnic believes in the importance of using high-quality, low noise and powerful driving circuitry in all its amplifying devices. The T-2000 30th Anniversary uses only two stages of driving circuit to achieve +40dB of voltage gain, instead of three or four stages as one finds in many conventional integrated amplifiers. This results in less coloration and more speed in signal/sound reproduction. In the T-2000 30th Anniversary, we employ the D3a tube in triode mode as the second stage driver tube, with a load of about 9K ohms, and using 12mA of current. The listener can easily hear and even “feel” the differences between this design and other, more conventional, ones. Please imagine, as you listen to the T-2000 30th Anniversary, its sound compared to the sound of an integrated amplifier with conventional 12AU7 or 12BH7’s used as drivers, with a load of about 47K ohm, and using 2 to 3mA of current.
  • “Full Engagement” Output Transformers. Conventional output transformers use pre-set secondary windings to accommodate 4, 8 and 16 ohm loudspeaker loads. However, these conventional transformers utilize only one secondary winding at a time, while the other secondary windings remain “idle”. This approach has two adverse effects. First, the output transformers are not working at their maximum efficiency, reducing their output relative to their potential. Second, the “idle” windings are not actually “idle”; they are subject to parasitic oscillations, producing their own “signal”. This undesirable electrical information is additive to the transformer’s output, distorting the amplified signal going to the loudspeaker. Allnic’s “Full Engagement” transformers address these issues by having 4 independent, secondary windings which are always fully connected, never “idled”. This means that all secondary windings are always connected to your loudspeakers, regardless of which output switch position you use (4 ohms or 8 ohms or 8 ohms or 16 ohms, depending on the factory configuration you have selected). The result is that there is neither a loss of transformer output efficiency, nor the introduction into the output signal of distortion from parasitic oscillations of the secondary windings.
  • Large Nickel/FeSi Core Output Transformers. As with our other models, Allnic uses very large output transformers (96 mm) with nickel, mixed with FeSi, cores. This provides for higher inductance with fewer windings than other designs can provide and results in the great benefit of an extremely wide range of output frequencies.
  • “Soft-start” Circuitry. Allnic uses soft start circuitry that, after sufficient warm-up only, provides the high voltage supply to the plate of each tube. This protective design results in prolonged tube life and fewer and less frequent issues with tube performance.
  • Analog Power Tube Current Monitors. In order to provide constant current (bias) monitoring for the power tubes, Allnic uses a separate analogue current meter for each tube. The meters make it exceptionally easy to see the status of each tube at any time and to respond immediately to any variation in bias by use of the bias control knob for the relevant tube. The meters offer a simple, unambiguous indication of each tube’s status compared to conventional LED bias monitors.
  • “On-the-Fly” Triode/Pentode Switching. Switching between triode and pentode operation can be done “on-the-fly” at any time while the amplifier is in use.

Technical Specifications

Output Power: 120w/channel beam tetrode

60w/channel triode

(8 Ω load, at 1KHz)


Distortion: 0.17% at 1KHz, 2.83V


Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz Flat


S/N Ratio: -80dB (CCIR, 1KHz)


Damping Factor: 8 at 8Ω load at 1KHz


Voltage gain: +40dB


Input Impedance: 10KΩ (single-ended, unbalanced)


Input Sensitivity: 0.3V for rated power
Tubes: KT170 x 4 (power tube)

6J4 x 2 (1st stage driver)

D3a x 4 (2nd stage driver)


Fuses: AC Mains:

5A, 250V slow-blow for 110/120V regions: 3A, 250V slow-blow for 230/240V regions

(20mm glass type – two supplied – one is a spare).

KT170 Tubes:

0.5A, 250V slow-blow (20mm glass type x 4)


Dimensions: (W x D x H) 440mm (17 inches) x 480mm (19 inches) x 300mm

(12 inches)


Weight: 36Kg (80 lbs) Net

41 Kg (91 lbs) Shipping

Product Support

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