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L-9000 OTL/OCL Line-stage Preamplifier


What I discovered with that configuration was that, regardless of circuit design, most preamps can’t provide the experience of unveiled immediacy that the L-9000 did.

Howard Kneller:  Soundstage! Ultra – May 2021



The L-9000 OTL/OCL is a world-class, reference level, line-stage preamplifier. It offers unbelievably realistic, holographic sound-staging combined with incredible resolution, clarity, micro-dynamics, and drive. Instrument and vocal tones and timbres are breathtakingly lifelike, and the placement of instruments and bodies in three dimensions startling, life-size, and addictive. The L-9000 OTL/OCL has no voice of its own, none. It is silent, except for the music emanating from the blackest of backgrounds. In addition, the stunningly realistic sonic quality is matched by the simple elegance, flexibility and ergonomic functionality of the L-9000’s casework and connection options. The L-9000 sits between the L-10000, Allnic Audio’s top OTL/OCL line-stage preamplifier, and the L-8500 OTL/OCL line-stage preamplifier.

Key Features

Immerse yourself in the original recorded space. The L-9000 OTL/OCL (Output Transformer-Less/Output Capacitor-Less) is a triple gain stage, remote controlled, line-stage preamplifier, without transformers or capacitors in its single-ended signal path. It uses the 6080 double triode as its directly coupled output power tubes; i.e., there are no output transformers on the single-ended (unbalanced) RCA outputs, so the 6080s communicate the signal directly to the connected power amplifier or amplifiers, fully revealing the 6080s’ inherent accuracy and beauty.
In common circuits, output capacitors or output transformers are required to separate the AC music signal from the DC operating potential. If this is not done, the latter will destroy the power amplifier, the loudspeakers, or both. However, these two coupling devices also introduce their own influences on the transmission of the musical signal, adding their own character (colouration), increasing distortion, and consuming small signals, all as predicted by physical efficiency theory. In addition, they also limit signal dynamics. For these reasons, the elimination of output transformers and capacitors has been considered the best solution for the design of the most accurate amplifiers. Removal of these two coupling devices from the signal path achieves the best results possible:
• No colouration of the musical signal
• Extremely detailed expression, natural harmonics and subtle musical decay
• The lowest possible distortion
• The widest musical dynamics

In the L-9000, there is no coupling device between the preamplifier and the power amplifier; that is, the final gain/output tubes are directly connected to the power amplifier. Thus, the benefits listed above are fully present in the Allnic L-9000 preamplifier.

  • Pure single-ended, Class A operation
  • 61 STEP CONSTANT IMPEDANCE BRIDGED TYPE ATTENUATOR – A world’s “first of its kind” for Allnic Audio
  • Minimal negative feedback
  • For its balanced (XLR) outputs, permalloy transformers, like those used in Allnic’s transformer-coupled preamplifiers, are employed.
  • As are all Allnic Audio products, the L-9000 OTL/OCL is fully RoHS (EU Reduction of Hazardous Substances regulation) compliant in construction and materials.

Technical Specifications

·      Inputs: Line level × 5 pairs:

Balanced (XLR) × 2

Unbalanced (RCA) × 3


·      Outputs: 3 pairs:

Unbalanced (RCA) × 2 pairs

Balanced (XLR) × 1 pair


·      Input Impedance:


10kΩ Balanced/Unbalanced


·      Frequency Range:


5Hz to 100kHz


·      Voltage Gain: +18dB


·      THD (1kHz): Less than 0.03% (1kHz, 1V RMS)


·      S/N Ratio: -100dB (CCIR, 1kHz)


·      Maximum Output:


20V RMS (Non-clipping)


·      Output Impedance:




·      Power Consumption:


120W at 110/120V (60 Hz)

120W at 220/230V (50 Hz)


·      Tubes: 6U8A (no equivalent) x 2 (first gain stage)

12AU7 (equivalent to ECC82, ECC802, B749, CV491, CV4003, 5814, 5963, 6189, 6350, 6680, 7316, 7730) × 2 (second gain stage)

6080 (some equivalents – contact your dealer for recommendations) x 2 (third gain stage)


·      Fuse: 3A/250V 20mm slow-blow for 110-120V regions

2A, 250V 20mm slow-blow for 230-240V regions



·      Tube chimney screws:


2mm Allen head


·      Dimensions: 430mm (16.95 inches) (W)

400mm (15.75 inches) including handles (D)

180mm (7.1 inches) (H)


·      Weight: 22 kg (48.4 lbs) unpacked.

27 kg. (59.5 lbs) packed in original shipping material


Product Support

L-9000 Manual June 2021

L-9000 Manual Nov 31 2020


Soundstage! Ultra L-9000 Review May 2021

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