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Garrard 401, Audiocraft AC4400, Allnic Rose



Garrard 401, Audiocraft AC4400, Allnic Rose, Custom Panzerholz plinth and extras.

Owned off and on for 10 years, this spectacular Garrard 401 with its tiered Panzerholz plinth is something special.

Custom built in 2010 with the bearing and motor serviced, this quiet running 401 with its fantastic torque and nimble presentation is not humbled by many current day offerings. Over the years the table has sported many excellent arms, Audiocraft AC4400, FR66S , Ikeda 409, Fuch 14″, custom SME 2012 converted to a 2016″, the big 4 Point Kuzmas and many more. Am planning on selling either this Garrard 401 or the Thorens TD124 listed here, if either sells, both listings shall be removed.

The included list is  long, the AC4400 shown has long been a world leading unipivot design. Several designers imitated the Audiocrafts in their unipivot construction, the AC’s sport interchangeable wands and weights, VTA on the fly and a mass that will synergize from the lightest weight and compliances to the heavy low compliance supercarts.  This offering comes with multiple light, medium and heavy wands and a short medium. Fixed headshells on most of the wands and a one wand has removable headhsell. Appropiate counterweights support the different arm masses. Original packaging, manual and setup tools included.

To grace the AC4400  superarm, the table will be provided with Allnic’s  Rose, an outstanding  .4mv output moving coil cartridge. To connect the AC4400 to your favourite phono stage, the Allnic MU7R DIN to RCA tone arm cable, if desired,  can be packaged and negotiated for a super price. The Garrard and plinth will have 2 individual mountable arm pods and one pod will feature extra arm boards.  Featured on the table is a custom Bronze arm board afixed to a Panzerholz pod. Solid and dense construction provides an excellent platform for the exotic AC4400.

Given the many options this offering can be sold, a conversation or 2 is advised to get you into a best return on your investment.  Allnic builds some of the worlds finest phono stages and best performing MC’s, try a trade and create a high performance analog front end.

Welcoming calls daily from 7.30 Pacific.



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