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The AUT-8000 silver-wound MC step-up replaces the now discontinued AUT-2000.

The dual-inputs, variable gain and impedance loading AUT-8000 features the same silver-wound transformers as Allnic’s flagship H-8000 DHT phono-stage!



Introducing the Allnic AUT-8000 MC step-up. This is an amazing unit employing the same transformers as the mighty USD $36,000 H-8000 DHT phono preamp! The AUT-8000 features two sets of inputs, a custom silver-wound permalloy transformer system, variable impedance, and 4 levels of gain (22, 26, 28 and 32db) inside a robust aluminum chassis. The AUT-8000 replaces the now discontinued AUT-2000.

The AUT-8000 is a world-class moving-coil step-up transformer system that will work with virtually any MC cartidge and elevate the performance of any analog system – and the better the system, the more remarkable “gains” the AUT-8000 will bring.

Key Features

ALLNIC AUT-8000 features two sets of inputs and silver-wound transformers with 4 levels of gain, 22, 26, 28 and 32db, and variable impedance loading. These are the same transformers employed on Allnic’s flagship H-8000 DHT phono preamplifier.

Product Support

New Manual for AUT-8000 coming soon!

AUT 2000 Manual – 21-07-2022


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