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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology




One of the sleepers in the Allnic line up is the unremarkable looking but extraordinary performing ALLNIC L1500 PREAMPLIFIER. Shared  features trickled down from the L5000 and L3000 line stages include a 41 Silver Stepped motorized remote attenuator, custom Permalloy wound output transformers, remote control, NOS Mullard, GE and RCA tubes. To connect your components we offer both 2 XLR and  3 Single ended inputs and a XLR and SE output for Biamp applications. Phase reversal is also included on the rear panel.

The transformer coupled design is more expensive to build than most capacitor coupled designs but you will appreciate the quietness and clean presentation with excellent focus with  spooky sound staging capabilities. Truly high performance and not to be overlooked.

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