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This is Allnic’s new entry phono preamp, replacing the previous popular H1200 model, offering much higher performance and greater flexibility. This is a very cost effective way to bring the Allnic sound into your own living room and grab a large slice of the magic of the amazing H1500II and H3000 phonostages. Like all Allnic products, it will trade blows in the marketplace with far more expensive competitors. Dynamic, open, very real sounding with lots of air and space Allnic’s entry level phono preamp gets very very close to the H1500II at what has to be a giveaway price.

Key Features

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Technical Specifications

Inputs: Moving Coil (MC) × one (1) pair unbalanced (RCA), Moving Magnet (MM) x one (1) pair unbalanced (RCA)
Ground: Two (2) x screw type terminals
Outputs: One (1) pair x unbalanced (RCA)
Frequency Response (RIAA): 20Hz ~ 20KHz (±0.3dB)
Voltage Gains: MM +38dB (1KHz), MC +22dB, +26dB, +28dB, +32dB (1Khz)
Input Impedance: MC – up to 280 Ω, MM – up to 47 KΩ
Maximum Input Voltage(MM non-clipping): 20Hz 30mV, 100Hz 60mV, 1kHz 300mV, 10kHz 500 mV
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.3% (1KHz, Output 1V)
Output Impedance: 1.2 kΩ (on-off method)
Signal to Noise (S/N) Ratio: – 68db (CCIR, 1KHz)
Power Consumption: 20W at 220 V / 110/120 V / 50 / 60 Hz
Tubes: Four (4) x E180CC – New Old Stock, approximately electrically (not sonically) equivalent : CV8431, 7062, 5965, 12AV7, 6414, 6829
Fuse: AC 2A, 250V
Dimensions: 310mm x 230mm x 140mm (W x D x H)
Weight: Unpacked: 4.5kg, Packed: 6kg

Product Support

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