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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology

Garrard 401 (Dobbins) Fuch, TTWeights and more



My personally owned Garrard 401 of 6 years with refurbished motor and custom Panzerholz plinth designed and produced by analog craftsman, Steve Dobbins  owner of Exact Audio.

Great table! Runs quiet, smooth and keeps speed flawlessly. Excellent pace and rythym

Loaded with features, a copper mat from TTWeights, the heavy mass 15′ Ebony Magnetically suspended tone arm from Robert Fuch, an Allnic Speednic for precise speed control and 2 arm pods. One pod with a pair of arm boards, cut for SME, the other blank. The other, possesses a  bronze arm board that is  cantilevered to rotate for short and long arms drilled for Ikeda, FR or any arm requiring a lock nut from below. All this rests on Stillpoint footers.

Due to the many pieces, the 401. plinth and accessories will be shipped in 3 boxes, guesstimate weight of 55 lbs. Buyer of this table could also be offered an Allnic demo H1201 at good guy price.

Please call, there are no dumb questions in audio.

David 250.826.6872


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