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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology

Bastani Matterhorns

USD$15,000.00 USD$8,900.00




SOLD as of April 2019

The Bastani MATTERHORN speakers display the beauty of sound – both clear and musical. They can be powered by a single ended flea-powered tube amp with as little as 1.5 W but they also shake the room using a high-wattage, solid state amp. The fine dynamics and the ability to deliver full musical structure, at even lowest listening levels, is unmatched and compete with the most powerful and dynamic speakers of all time. The floor-firing bass horns allow the placement of MATTERHORN speakers in both small and large rooms because the bass is self-adjusting to the size of the room and the size of the free floor space.

MATTERHORN lets you feel theĀ essence of the music and takes you to new levels of sonic delight.

Speakers ship in 3 wood boxes, crate mounted. Total shipping about 300lbs.

These wood rate a strong 8.5/10 on Audiogon scale.

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