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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology

ALLNIC L5000 DHT Line Stage



Selling long term demo of what may be one of world’s finest line stages, the Allnic L5000 Direct Heated Triode line stage. This unit has performed perfectly in the 6.5years of operation. Has been outfitted to Kron KR3 tubes and seen action with both push pull amplification and SET amplifiers of many various manufacturers.

Transformer coupled output with it’s low output impedance assures a good match for almost every amplifier built today.

If you have not experienced direct heated triode electronics, you’ll be bowled over with a beauty that almost isn’t real. Outstanding sound staging, transparency and dynamic swings that in some setups will shock you.

Is remote controlled, comes with manual and original packaging. No flaws, a unit you can be proud of and appreciate for many years.

New replacement $21900 USD


Call Hammertone Audio for delivered price, see archives for detailed specs and operators manual.

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