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Allnic T1500
MSRP: $6,900.00 $USD
Call: 250-862-9037


The new t1500 now available in black and natural. All Aluminum chassis with Allnic in house wound Permalloy Nickel transformers. This 300B Integrated amplifier delivers 12.5 WPC in Pure Class A single ended style! Ruggedly built weighing in at 50 pounds, this 35dB gain powerhouse will drive most speakers of 90dB + efficiency to very comfortable sound pressure levels. 

T1500 has been reviewed by Dagogo's Jack Roberts. He claims this piece is one of the most important to hit the audio world under 10K. 

We are proud of this amplifier, and you will be also.




The T-1500 stereo amplifier is Allnic Audio’s top of the line 300B SET stereo integrated amplifier model. Like all

Allnic Audio products, the T-1500 has Permalloy (iron and nickel alloy) for its transformer cores. Allnic is grateful to Mr. G.W. Elmen of Western Electric for inventing Permalloy for transformer core use, and in so doing, providing an enormous service to recorded music listeners everywhere.


The T-1500 has the following features:


12.5 watts per channel of pure class A high power output. The T-1500 is a single ended power amplifier. Almost all other 300B amplifiers are under, and distortion, driven. This is a result of the use of conventional "Resister- Capacitor" circuits, which give only up to around a 70V swing voltage, with high distortion. This means that an already distorted signal of a lower than optimum swing voltage is directed to the deep biased 300B grid. Allnic’s powerful "Inductor Drive" circuit gives up to a 150V swing voltage, with very low distortion (about 0.3%). It is this drive delivered to the T-1500 that allows for a higher output (12.5w) than the approximately 8 - 10w output that could be expected from standard 300B circuits.

Real power drive. The driver tube, a PCL86, is a very strong power pentode/triode. We use this power pentode to drive the 300B’s via a choke plate inductor. Our choke inductor (100% nickel permalloy PC core) has very low power loss and infinitely high load impedance. This configuration is an ideal drive stage for 300B SET.

No separate preamplifier section. The T-1500 has only two gain stages, with a total gain of +35dB. The PCL86 driver tube gain stage receives the signal directly from the line inputs. The reduced number of gain stages means less distortion. Nickel alloy output transformer. Allnic uses sophisticated ratio mixed nickel permalloy PB cored output transformers. Because of their extremely high initial permeability, it is possible to use lower turns on the primary winding while retaining very high 'open circuit inductance”. That means a resulting very wide frequency range and low distortion bass response. This is another reason why the T-1500 excels over other 300B integrated amplifiers.

Allnic also uses a very big nickel core, so as not to be magnetically saturated at a high current of level of 100mA.

Long life and trouble-free operation. Allnic employs a “soft start circuit” to protect the tubes and other parts. It applies the high B+ voltage only after tubes are fully warmed-up.

Fixed bias control grid. Allnic prefers to use low distortion and high output “fixed bias” rather than the relatively higher distortion and lower output “self-bias” method. That way, it is possible to eliminate the use of cathode resisters and their associated heat production.

Natural negative feedback. The T-1500 applies about -6dB of negative feedback. This is a very complimentary amount of negative feedback that differentiates the Allnic 300B single ended amplifier from the standard, which has a very coloured and weak speaker driving force. With this natural feedback, the T-1500 has a relatively high “damping factor', very low distortion, and a higher S/N ratio, without losing the signature

single ended natural sound quality.  We use a high quality 41 step silver contact attenuator (all

resistors non-inductive) instead of a carbon filmed slide potentiometer.

Jack Roberts of Dagogo Review

Product Manual