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Allnic L5000 DHT
MSRP: $22,900.00 $USD
Call: 250-862-9037


Simply, the finest line stage we can build, the L-5000 DHT (Direct Heated Triode)  

As of October 2014, L5000 is offered optionally with new KRON KR3A tubes  replicating the STC 3A109 gain tubes we employ. For a limited time L5000 will be offered with original tubes at $19900 or with the new KR3A's marketing for $22900. Once supplies of the 3A109 tubes diminish, all L5000 DHT's will be sold with KR3A tubes. The benefits of the Kron  tubes is stability, reduced microphony and a greater sense of sonic ease, truly an improvement.

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C. Fredrickson Review

Product Manual