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Allnic H1500 II SE PLUS
MSRP: $6,500.00 $USD
Call: 250-862-9037


Same features as the H1500 II SE unit except the patented 4 gain transformers as standard. review of this productTired of noisy, non involving phono stages that leave you reaching for the CD remote? If you desire a phono stage to showcase the best of your cartridges virtues , we invite you to a A HOME RUN from the dream team at ALLNIC Audio Labs , the H1500 IISE Plus. We are ready to ship! Here is a company building one of the world's finest cartridges, the Verito Z, 3 phono stages, all best in price point, 2 absolutely devasting line stages and and array of 300B SET amplifiers. NOS tubes, in house wound transformers and a willingness to build you a custom made application.

Packed full, Nickel Permalloy custom wound transformers ,5 individual resistive loads per each of the 4 transformer gain selections, LCR phono equalization, 2 MM inputs, 2 MC inputs, tube regulation, Gel Damper tube isolation sockets and an outboard tube power supply makes for one lethally excellent phono stage. The question arises, is it quiet ? Absolutely and the dynamics are extraordinary !

Gain. We have gain, 40dB MM and 72dB MC, is quiet enough for playback on those 100dB+ effecient speakers!

The buzz is getting out and our product is finding it's way into some of the world's best systems. KS Park, formerly chief engineer and owner of Silvaweld Audio has returned as Allnic Audio in 2005 . His innovations are many. To view please feel free to follow the attached link .

2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes.

Trades? You bet! Call for details.


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