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MSRP: $11,900.00 $USD
Call: 250-862-9037


ALLNIC L3000, A line stage that has earned it's repute amongst some of the world's finest. Kang Su Park's more costly transformer coupled output design featuring Permalloy Nickel Cores, NOS Mullard E810F gain tubes, ultra low noise Patented Gel Tube sockets, custom Allnic built 41 Silver Stepped motorized and remote attenuator all housed in a all Aluminum chassis that is breath taking to beholdhold and substantial in it's engineering and build quality.

Available upon special request with Home Theater Bypass and for those with ultra sensitive speakers output transformers easily wireable at 14 or 20 dB gain. Black Anodized or Natural available in the Swedish Aircraft grade Aluminum chassis's.

Please refer to review section for a more comprehensive look at the ALLNIC L3000.

L-3000 LINE LEVEL PREAMPLIFIER ONE OF THE 3000 SERIES: WORLD LEADING COMPONENTS WITH REVELATORY CLARITY, INCREDIBLE DYNAMICS AND DRIVE, STANDARD SETTING LOW NOISE AND DISTORTION THE L-3000 IS A SINGLE GAIN STAGE, TRANSFORMER COUPLED, REMOTE CONTROLLED LINE LEVEL PREAMPLIFIER - AND A REVELATION, A MODEL OF ABSOLUTE HIGH-END QUALITY AT RELATIVELY REASONABLE COST: FEW PREAMPLIFIERS CAN COMPETE Key Features: Single gain stage Transformer coupled Constant and low (150 OHM) output impedance at all frequencies NOS tubes Easy to read tube monitor meters Zero negative feedback Precision oil clutched motorized attenuator, with zero channel unbalance at any volume Ultra high speed, automatic, vacuum tube voltage regulation Pure Class A operation Pure balanced operation Phase control switch 5 inputs, 2 balanced 3 outputs, 2 balanced (1 is record out) Remote control THE L-3000 LETS YOUR SOURCES SING FROM THE DARKNESS, AND IMMERSE YOU IN THE ORIGINAL RECORDED SPACE


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