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MSRP: $14,900.00 $USD
Call: 250-862-9037



H-7000V Phono stage


H-7000V is the upgrade model of legendary H-3000V, all transformer coupled LCR phono stage. World premier Three Inputs mode, this is a long wish of vinyl lovers, having tri inputs in one machine, head-amplifier(pre-pre or electronic step-up) input, traditional step-up transformer input and MM direct input(you can connect your favorite step-ups also).


H-7000V uses LCR Equalization. On the contrary to the traditional CR or NFB equalization of high impedance (hundred kilo ohms), LCR uses 600 ohmsconstant impedance, a big difference on frequency range and energetic operation.


H-7000V also uses LCR Multi-curve Equalization. This is also world-premier, Allnics Multi-curve LCR unit has 4 turn-over(250Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz RIAA and 700Hz) and 4 Roll-off(-16dB, -13.7dB RIAA, -11dB and -5dB), this means you can enjoy playing any LP before RIAA standardization.


In additional, the H-7000V has the following features:


  •  The H-7000V phono stage is all transformer coupled, no coupling capacitors.


  •  Non negative feedback design with only two active gain stages.


    • For superior signal to noise ratio, the H-7000V is equipped with pure vacuum tube, high speed, automatic voltage regulation circuit for both channels and a power supply unit separate from the phono stage itself.


    • High quality wide frequency in-house MC step-up transformers are used for the H-7000Vs MC2 input.


    • For main amplification, Allnic uses 4 pentode E810F tubes as in triode mode(please see its wonderful three factors, μ= 57, gm = 50,000 micro mho, and lowest resistance around 1 K ohms). This tremendously beautiful tube drives so well our 100% permalloy PC big output transformer at 20mA high current.


    • Our incorporated head-amplifier operates in so high S/N ratio, you can enjoy the darkest background during your vinyl playing.


  •  Pure balanced operation

  •  Pure class A operation